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Open Country for Trucks at the BAJA 400

23 Sep 2019

It is brand new and already one of the world’s toughest outdoor races. Equipped with the Toyo Tires Open Country series of off-road tires for SUVs seven participants of the first SCORE BAJA 400 faced the challenge in the Mexican desert. From September 18 until September 22 the pilots strived for succeeding the single lap race of the SCORE BAJA 400.

BAJA 400, which was newly established this year as one of the “SCORE World Desert Championship” by SCORE International which consists of four races (BAJA 250, BAJA 400, BAJA 500 and BAJA 1000) is an important challenge that determines the starting order of BAJA 1000, which will be the final of the SCORE series. This race, which wa the third round, started from the city of Ensenada, located on the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, run through a total of 400 miles (about 644 km) and returned to the same place. The BAJA-series is called one of the toughest off-road races in the world because it runs non-stop day and night in rugged deserts and rocky mountainous areas. Due to its harsh environment, it is difficult to complete the race. Therefore, not only high driving techniques, but also off-road tires that are reliable for rough road performance and durability are essential.

“Open Country M / TR” and “Open Country R / TR” supplied by Toyo Tires are technically tuned up versions of the “Open Country”. The series of Open Country offers tires for full-scale off-road pickup trucks or SUVs, which are highly acclaimed in North America. Open Country's aggressive and functional design tread contributes not only to rough road performance but also to traction and braking performance. The tire structure utilizes the know-how cultivated in off-road racing: Toughness structure with high trauma resistance.

Open roads await in Mexico. In this race Ryan Arciero succeeded BAJA 400, Andy McMillin, who was winning consecutively in the first round SCORE San Felipe 250 and the second round SCORE BAJA 500 was put to second place. He as well as Bryce Menzies, Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin, Tavo Vildosola, Luis Javier Pelayo and Santiago Creel, were supported by the equipment of Toyo Tires Open Road technology.

SCORE BAJA 500 participants in June



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