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Wet grip

The most important role of a tire is to provide safety - in all conditions. Wet adhesion or grip is one of the most important performance characteristics.

However, higher adhesion and lower rolling resistance are often contradictory objectives that have traditionally required a performance trade-off. Thanks to the new labeling regulation, customers will be able to see and choose for themselves their preferred performances.

The label will display a range of 7 grades where tires with an “A” provide the highest levels of wet grip and “G” the lowest.

Rating D is not used for passenger cars. Any tire which does not meet the standard for C grade is categoried as E grade. There is also no G grade for wet grip so the lowest grade is F.

In an emergency situation, a few meters can make all the difference. For a passenger car applying full brakes from 80kph, a set of A-rated tires will stop up to 18 metres shorter than a set of F-rated tires. **

**When measured according to the test methods set out in Regulation EC 1222/2009. Braking distances may vary according to driving conditions and other influencing factors. 

Label values shown are for illustrative purposes only. Values for a certain tire line/size may vary.

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