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FIA Baja Challenge for Toyo Tires

15 May 2024

Akira Miura will participate in two FIA Bajas in the top, T1+ class.

Toyo Tires will participate in Baja Greece, the 2nd round of the FIA World Bajas Cup and the 6th round, the Qatar International Baja. Akira Miura, Toyo Tires’ Open Country Ambassador, will drive a Toyota Hilux, prepared by Overdrive racing in the Greek Baja which runs from May 22 to 25. He will pilot the car again in the Qatar International Baja which runs from October 31 until November 2.

(Akira Miura, ambassador of the Open Country series)                                       (Toyota Hilux manufactured by Overdrive Racing)

The FIA World Bajas Cup is a series of off-road rallies held over eight rounds from February to November, in Europe and the Middle East. This series is an opportunity for drivers to hone their techniques and gain the experience needed for off-road rallies. Many of the athletes who have competed in the world's toughest races, such as the Dakar Rally, earned their racing stripes in this series.

Working with Overdrive Racing, a team that boasts numerous achievements in the Dakar Rally , Toyo Tires will be competing in the 2nd round of the FIA World Baja Cup, Baja Greece, and the 6th round, Qatar International Baja. The team will in the top, 'Ultimate', class, officially recognised as T1+. Miura will be behind the wheel of a Toyota Hilux equipped with specially tuned Open Country M/TR, tires.

The data obtained will be used to further improve rough road performance and damage resistance and will inform the development process for tires for the Dakar Rally.
Under the medium-term management plan "Medium Plan '21," the Toyo Tires group is strengthening the development of products with unique designs and functionality, including the Open Country series. We continue to utilize knowledge gained through racing in product development to deliver higher performance, higher quality, and more attractive products globally.

■Akira Miura
A rally driver who belongs to Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC). In 2005, he joined Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd., which operates TLC, as an employee. The following year, he became a navigator after applying for the position through an internal recruitment process, and participated in the Dakar Rally for the first time. He graduated to a driver in the 2016 race and won his class four times in Dakar Rally 2018, 2021, 2022, and 2024. His extensive experience and knowledge in off-road rallies has been praised, and he is active in a wide range of fields, including being involved in the development of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series and 250 series. Miura was appointed as Open Country brand ambassador from March 2023.

■Open Country series
Open Country is our 4x4 and off-road brand targeting SUVs. Toyo Tires has achieved many excellent results in international races with vehicles equipped with Open Country, and has refined its durability and damage resistance to a high level. Especially in North America, where large SUVs are by far the most popular vehicle. The tires’ high performance and aggressive pattern designs are highly praised. In Japan, white letter products are offered, displaying the product name and brand logo on the side of the tire in three-dimensional white letters.
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