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Nürburgring 24H race

15 Jun 2022

At 4:00PM, on Saturday, the 28.05, the Nürburgring 24h race started.

The build up to the 24H race had commenced on May 26, with a large support program of different racing series including several races with classic cars. Training and qualifying sessions for the 24H race were held on Thursday and Friday.

For two years, the race had to take place without spectators for coviod protection so there was ahuge interest in visiting this year. The final count was 230.000 official spectators at the track, which is an kincrease on the 2019 audience, but in reality this figure is much larger as many viewing points around the Nordschliefe are not ticketr controlled.

The 24H race is driven not only on the 20km plus Nordschleife, but also the Grand Prix circuit, extending the lap to 26km.

Our team competed in the SP10-class against cars from Aston Martin, BMW and Porsche. Cars in the SP10-class are built according to the GT4-regulations. These are close-to-production cars with 430 hp.

One hour after the start our car #84 was in third position in the SP10-class. At 8 pm the car stopped in the pit lane due to a technical defect. The car required major work to checkl and rectify the fault and did not leave the pit box ubtil around 3am. The second car, #83 worked took over as lead car, performing flawlessly throughout the night.

At the end of the race car #83 finished in 5th position in the SP10-class and 43rd  overall. Despite several hours of downtime, the drivers of #84 were able to take back more than 30 positions, ending 6th in class and P93 overall

All involved are motivated for the upcoming races and the team will continue developing the cars.


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