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German Rallycross - DRX

DRX- the German Rallycross Championship is the most competitive domestic Rallycross league in Germany. Recently, Toyo Tires announced a new signing of a partnership with DRX, becoming the main sponsor of the prestigious competition for the next two years. The official title of the competition will be renamed to "Deutsche Rallycross Meisterschaft powered by TOYO TIRES". It's an honor for Toyo Tires to be given the opportunity to co-operate with such an exciting event and Toyo Tires is looking forward to the successful time we will have together in the next two years.
Dates 2019

Test day Schlüchtern

6th April


19th May


8th until 9th June


10th until 11th August


8th September


19th until 20th October



Official website of the German Rallycross Championship 2018 powered by TOYO TIRES: www.rallycross-dm.de


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