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Miura wins FIA Baja Greece

27 May 2024

Open Country tires win again.

Akira Miura, in his Toyota Hilux, equipped with Open Country tires, has taken first place in the 2024 FIA Baja Greece.

Using race spec Open Country M/T R tires, Akira Miura, guided his Overdrive prepared Toyota Land Cruiser to victory in the Ultimate (FIA T1) class. Miura was participating as a test driver for Toyo Tires to develop further their Open Country product but his competitive nature meant he challenged for, and successfully took the win.

The FIA Baja Greece is the second round of the FIA World Bajas Cup. Miura will not participate in all eight rounds as he is racing to support the development of Open Country tires. He will have a second chance to win the class at the 6th round, the Qatar International Baja which starts November 2.

Everything learnt testing in extreme conditions, informs the development process for tires like Open Country ATIII, Toyo Tires flagship on/off road tire for all-seasons.


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